Big Al's burger bar Sitges

So, most of my readers haven't slipped the fact that I love hamburgers and could probably have it every single day of the week since it so much you can do with it. So, when in Spain of course I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to try out the spanish hamburger scene.

Big Al´s is situated on a side street between Carrer Espanya and Primer de Maig on Carrer de Santa Tecla 5. It's open for lunch between 13-16 and then between 20-00 in the evening. They also have a facebookpage here. The place is quite small and since we visited it on the hottest day on the vacay (about 34 degrees, cloudless skies and no wind) there would have been nice with more a/c. The place has a typical american burger bar to it with a wide variety of hamburgers and beers. The staff is super friendly and welcoming.

When presented with the menu it was hard choosing but in the end I took the jalapeño cheeseburger and my mum took the chili cheeseburger since we both wanted something spicy. With it I took the curly fries and mum the cruditée. I really like that you can have a salad with the burger, that makes it a lot healthier option.

And this is what we got:

First of the jalapeño burger

and then the chili one

They were both unbelievably good that my mouth still gets watery by the memory. The burger itself was perfectly grilled keeping a red center and remaining juicy. The cheese had melted perfectly and the jalapeños added the extra spice to it. The curly fries were perfectly fried and crispy. Yummy!!! The chili burger contained chili con carne (which we swedes put white beans in for some reason) and it was really spicy and good. And to prove it, look how happy I look afterwards. And I'd like to claim otherwise but it's sweat glowing on my face.

The only thing is that we went here one of our last nights in Sitges so we only had time to come here once, but next year I'll be a regular guest.

A walk along the boardwalk helped digesting the burgers


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