Cal Pep in Barcelona

The 1st time we went here was the year when I turned 31 (and this fall I'm turning 33) and we all loved it. The cooking was like a little show, the clams excellent so imagine our happiness when we learned that it was still open when we were down this august.

So we started to wait in line, the place was planned to open at 13.00

The opened the doors ten past which I think is a bit nonchalant and signals that "we now you'll wait anyways". We were seated at the counter

Thre is no menu in the restaurant, you can say what you like, in our case seafood and fish and get surprise tapas. The 1st course we had was fried squid (which cost 12.90 euros- a rip- off), it was good but nothing special. Then the usual pan con tomate which are bread with tomato and olive oil.

We then had clams, with bits of ham in it, not a very good course since I don't eat pork and not exactly what we meant by only fish and seafood.

The last dish we got (and the best) was a monkfish with potatoes and a baked tomato with white wine sauce.

That was the best dish and I could easily have eaten just that.

At the end of the meal we shared a créme brûlée which lacked the thick layer of burnt sugar and the pistills from pure vanilla. A bit dissapointing.

So, to rap things up. The food is good but not Worth the Money. Our meal with four tapas, one dessert, two sodas and one glass of wine cost 120 euros which is a bit to much for lunch and a meal for that price in Sweden is a lot lot better. And we've had dnners in Spain that didn't even cost half that sum that's been way better. My suggestion is- go someplace else and do something more fun with the Money. Like going to Montjuic or taking a wine tour or going to the Montserrat Mountains.


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