NeM in Sitges

When we were in Sitges last year we visited this place a couple of times so I'm really glad that a bigger crowd has found it's way here, my first recommendation is: make a reservation, either through their facebookpage or via their homepage, especially on weekends.

Nem opened in april of 2012 and lies on c/ Illa de cuba 9 which is also one of the streets that goes from the train station (it's worth coming here from Barcelona to eat dinner!!!) and also from the more crowded c/ de Jesus.

What I've understood there are three owners, the chef who's from the UK, a girl who works as a waiter and then another guy (I really should have learned the names after spending so many dinners there) who also works as a waiter and who in my opinion is really really really cute! The menu at Nem Changes every month though there are some dishes that keeps coming back like the pan con tomate, Nems and the oriental steak tartar.

This review is a compilation from three different visits during this last holiday, but I shamefully have to admit that I took the same dessert all three times- the chocolate coulant. And I'm not that really into chocolate!

So, this was the menu for the month of August 2013:

I Think we tried most of the dishes except the hanger steak (I have a bit of problem with the taste of cashews and not the pumpkin dish aswell).

During the first visit, which was also our first night in Sitges, we took the octopus, potato, lemon and mojo verde sauce.

It was really fresh, the octopus excellently cooked and the sauce gave it fresh asian flavours along with the european flavours of potato.

Then we tried the sashimi of sea bream, with ginger, chives and lemon.

For those of you that don't know sahimi is raw fish that is marinated in lemon and somehow through the acids it gets cooked (have to try doing this at home). This we also had all three nights, it's fresh and perfectly balanced with the lemon, the mild fish and then the ginger (which is the pink one you usually get with sushi).

The third dish was the mozzarella, tomayo, black olives and parsley.

It was good but I think that after working extra in a cheese store the last year I've been spoiled with buffalo mozzarella and the burrata, so ordinary mozzarella just doesn´t do it for me anymore. But the falvours were good but I would have used buffalo mozzarella instead since it's smoother in the taste and has a softer texture and melts easier in the mouth.

And then last the pan con tomate (which I forgot to take a photo of and we had it two times) which is the traditional warm bread covered with fresh tomato which you grate against the bread and the good olive oil. So simple and yet so utterlu delicious.

The dinner was accompanied by cava Canals Canals which is made in Penedes, the wine territory that lies just a couple of miles from Sitges, and it's really good. Unfortunately not sold in any of the wine stores we visited in Sitges.

Oh, I almost forgot the chocolate coulant, coffee and coconut icecream

Frequent readers of my blog knows that I have a real sweet tooth and that I would chose pastry over candy any day and I've sure had some desserts in my days, and this one my friends, is one of the absolute best. The coulant which opened up and warm chocolate running out, the coffee and then the meeting with the cold coconut ice- Cream. Divine!

The second night and Nem we took the Nems

which I did't try since I don't eat pork but they're like spring rolls with a spicy sauce. My mum ate them though and said they were great.

Then, the bravas

And that was the best bravas I've ever had. I Think they were made of baked potatos which they carved out the center and then fried the potatoes again. Then topped it of by créme fraîche and sambal oelek. Hot and Cold at the same time and spicy and mild. My mouth waters when I think about it.

And then the marinated Salmon

which was marinated Salmon, cooked potatoes, some greens and créme fraîche I think. It was good but I, and my mum, like it a little more spicy. But it was a good fresh dish.

And then last the Chicken, date and dried Apricot

which was served on grilled bread and topped with arugula salad. Great combination with the chicken and the sweetness in the dates.

And then last and final night we had the squid, the bravas, the sashimi and pan con tomate and we also tried the oriental steak tartar.

I've never had raw beef Before but since I also say that you have to try everything once and then you can say if you like it or not. It was, different. It was really good meat though and the flavours were perfect. Maybe steak tartar is like sushi, you have to eat it a couple of times to like it. But Nems steak tartar was a good place to start.

And of course I had the coulant again.

And this is how happy I looked at the last visit

filled with good food, excellent cava and great service you can't do anything else but smile. If I have to say anything negative is that it would be nice to know the origin of the food, is it locally produced? Organic? But that's just a small thing.

This visit rounded up an excellent vacay in Sitges. I love this Town, it has a great vibe and I'm already looking forward to the next visit, and I'm hoping they'll have a table ready for me next summer. One of the best restaurants I've ever been to.

Yes, it was a very hot and humid night but just had to show of my suntan

And, now the music's back! I do wish more people could discover Cary Brothers.


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