El Santo, Sitges

Yeah, I know, I'll soon be posting recipes again (I have banana ice- cream on it's way) but the food in Sitges was just so friggin' good that I have to report about it. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Big Al's and this time I'm writing about El Santo, who, in comparison with our restaurants in Sitges opens as early as 12 o'clock which is perfect for hungry swedes who wanna eat early (ha ha, I wrote hungry first, but that's always a good thing) and they have take away as well which is good when you hop off the train from Barcelona, after a crazy shopping spree and all you want is to go home to your room and relax on the balcony. So this place we went to three times, we missed out on the nachos but we'll try them next year.

The menu is quite short, which I like, it's easier to choose and it oftens mean that they put more effort in the dishes that they have.

You order by ticking the boxes if you want one burger and if yu want extras, the potato wedges and what sort of drink you'd like. Inside the menu is also above the cash counter and there´s Always a todays special.

The interior decoration is cosy with couches on the side with comfy pillows and then tables with chairs. There are also a few tables outside on the front of the place where you can sit and just watch people (and dogs, there are so many dogs in Sitges) walking by.

As for the food, you have to try the potato wedges, perfectly fried with rosemary on top and perfect along the five types of dip sauces presented which includes dijon,mayo, aioli, ketchup and curry. Yum yum!!! And this portion is for one person, so we shared since we wanted to save room for the Burgers.

I love the labels of these bottles

As for the Burgers, I tried three, took photos of two. The first one I tried was the St. Tropez. A burger with 180 gram grounded beef, stuffed with mozzarella, blue cheese, cheddar and brie with a light cream of figs.

The person who came up with the idea to stuff a hamburger with cheese should win the nobel prize- it's brilliant! I have to try this at home. The burger was also perfectly grilled keeping a small red centre and thus not being dry- And the bread- perfection! But he cheeses, for a cheese lover like me it was divine!

The second time around I tried the Kikiriki, a chicken burger with fresh spinach leaves, mayostard and tomato. And, as the cheese lover I am, I added cheddar to it. And curry bread- so cool!

This to was a smash hit! Chicken and curry is a classical combo, here performed in a new way. And it was also quite fresh with the fresh spinach leaves. To show it, look how happy I am:

So, I Think that you already know my final verdict. Visit this place when in Sitges, especially if you love burgers like I do.

And, to end this Review, just look at the cute signs on the toilet doors:


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