Cornelia and co in Barcelona, Spain

Nowadays there are places like these in Stockholm, just to mention some there is Urban deli, Broms and Taverna Brillo. But in Spain it's more common and I think it's a charming idea to have a restaurant, a deli and a place to buy kitchen supplies in the same place. So, I first read about Cornelia and co last year in the Swedish Magazine Elle mat & vin (Elle food & wine) and became interested in visting it.

So this entry is both a recollection from last years visit and the one this year in August (and hopefully I will get money enough to go to Barcelona in springtime).

Love drinking wine from a water glass, heck I love drinking wine period

Anyways, I really like risotto but seldom do it at home, mostly cause you always hear it's so hard so when out I Always try it. At Cornelia they had this excellent seafood risotto with squid, shrimp and a clam. So creamy and yummy!

I also tried the seafood wok with noodles, veggies and shrimp.

I really like the interior design as well, you sit amongst wine bottles and gourmet food. And the chairs are beautifully done!

And of course, when in Rome (or Barcelona in this case) you have to try a dessert (or postre) with cava. And this one is so simple and delicious and perfect in the warm spanish nights. Take a scoop of sorbet (we had mandarine and lemon) and pour cava over it. Eat with spoon or drink up the last.

This summer when going there I had one of the most interesting meals of my Life. The frequent readers of this blog knows that I love hamburgers. I don't mean from one of the major chains but the ones made of grounded good meat, bakerymade bread and great veggies. So imagine my happiness when I found squid hamburger with black paella on the side.

So delicious and the paella with the squid. Have to try and mimich this at home. I imagine it's like making black risotto and the finely chopping the squid, something to bind it together and then you have a great course.

I also tried the tapa with mini squid and boy were they tiny. It's hard to see in the pic but it's smaller then a match stick. Like a small munch.

And to finish it in a great fashion- one of the best tiramisu I've had up to this date

Going to Cornelia is definetly Worth the while, it's about two minutes walk from Las Ramblas and maybe five minutes from Passeig de Gracia(the North part above Placa de catalunya) and they have tables outside which a sunloving swede loves in October. But, bare in mind they charge 10% extra on the price when sitting outside which I think is a bit strange. But it's Always nice sitting outside watching people going by. But, keep track of your belongings, the pick- pocketers in Barcelona are infamous for being quite good and I know several people who've been mugged and I almost got mugged one time.


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