La Picara in Sitges

Another belated blogentry but this fall has been more hectic then I imagined it to be whilst lying on the beach in Sitges. In hindsight I really needed that vacation, both for relaxation but also as the first time I got distance from Everything that happened in the spring and a chance to really move past it and admit that relationships break, it's not fun (especially when being the one being dumped) and it's not easy but in the end you really learn something of yourself and you come out of it stronger and more confident. But, this entry isn't going to be about that but about the excellent tapas place La Picara in Sitges. La Picara lies on the Carrer sant Pere in Sitges, one of the streets that you can access from the boardwalk. It opens 19.30 and a recommendation is to make a booking. As they said themselves, after getting good reviews on Trip advisor it's become crazy packed. If not able to get a booking you can always come here, sit at the bar, having some classic tapas like hamburguesa, gazpacho and a glass of wine- many of which are locally produced. Actually bought a bottle of Sitges wine from the supermercado after being here.

We came here two nights in the two weeks spent in Sitges and it was equally nice the both times.

La Picara is also a wine bar with, as I said above, mostly spanish wines and many locally produced.

There is both a fixed menu and then theres the specials for the day.

Of course we tried from both. One thing I always have though is pan con tomate (here called pan de coca) which simply is bread roasted in the oven, you dripple good olive oil over it and then tomatoes. Sometimes it's the easiest things that tastes the best!

We also tried the padrones green peppers. Small and tasty, and hot. And the one that gets the hottest one is to pay the bill at the end (unless you got your poker face on). They're quite hard to find here in Sweden but I've found them at Cajsa Warg so actually thinking of throwing a tapas dinner soon.

And then these Little fishies, fried in flour,excellent!

And yes, I really like squid, both the sepia and the pulpo, and since not many Swedish restaurants serve it I eat it quite a lot when in Spain so I tried both the calamares en tinta (squid in ink) and the meatballs and sepia.

They wre both good, but was a bit disappointed, cause I thought the meatballs were supposed to be squid meatballs, that would have been even better!

And then there's the guilty concious. We ordered flambed prawns and garlic fried prawns, and one of the dishes contained of gambas. I always batter everyone else about not eating gambas it's bad for the environment, they cut down the beautiful mangrove forest, which leads to soil erosion and make big gambas plants which drains the soil of its nutrition. A big no no to eat!

And a good dinner always end with dessert. I tried the chocolate coulant which was yummy! The whipped Cream not so yummy and would have preffered ice-cream or maybe a sauce made of cherries.

We also tried the mojito sorbet.

I also have to show the world's cutest signs for the restrooms.

To sum it up, good tasty food, nice staff and cute signs! Well worth a visit!


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