Balthazar's keuken in Amsterdam

Before going somewhere new on vacation I always check blog's and with friends for tips on where to eat. Before going to Amsterdam I read a lot of good reviews about this place, Balthazar's Keuken which lies on Elandsgracht 108 in the Jordaan quarters the closest tram is number 7 and 10 and you get of at Elandsgracht ) and then there's a short walk to the restaurant.

First thing, you have to make a reservation, I made mine like two months ago and it's safest, there were a lot of couples that came in and didn't get a table cause they didn't have a reservation.

The setting is this, there is a fixed menu each week, five starters which you share, the choice between two main courses; one meat and one fish and then dessert.

The restaurant lies in the Jordaan quarters (as already stated) which is known for being the trendy quarters with small designer shops. The interior in the restaurant is quite simple and clean (which I really like) with full sight into the kitchen (which I really really like). The starters are prepared in the restaurant area for the guests to see.

The waiter first came and presented the menu and we were given the choice between the two main dishes. We decided to take one fish and one meat.

Then the foodieheaven started. The starters were a chorizo ( I usually don't eat pork but had to try) which must have had a great percentage of meat, a tortilla with hummus made out of peas and coriander, dutch shrimp with a plum sauce, fried artichoke with a walnut vinaigrette, harring with a lemon créme fraîche and then homebaked bread with butter. What can I say- yum yum yum.

Everything tasted amazing and the flavors went really good together. I also liked that they prepared everything in front of the guests.

As a main course you had the choice between lamb with a beetrootrisotto and persillade and a haddock with cooked potatoes, white asparagus and a red wine sauce. We had one of each and though the lamb was good and perfectly cooked the fish was absolutely amazing. Never had red wine sauce with fish before but the combo was excellent and I'm sure to try it at home in the near future.

As a dessert there was a tartelette with a coconutcream, and then rum caramelized pineapple. I love coconut and the pineapple, oh my goodness, I got a huge amount of vacationmemories in my head while eating that dessert. The cream was perfect, full and rich and with the right amount of coconuttaste, and the pineapple- warm and crispy. A dessert to long for in the coming summer.

So to end all this, you must go there, I think that it's a really good value 32 euros for a three course meal per person and that's food that's cooked with love!


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