My weekend in Barcelona

Those of you who've read my blog Before know I love the city of Barcelona. I've been there five times and will soon do round number six. When we were there in June it was a belated 65 years birthday gift to my mum from my big brother and I. So we all went, me, my mum my big brother and his girlfriend.

The weekend started out a bit chilly but later on got really hot with temperatures up to 30 degrees celcius, leaving us drinking a lot of fluids and spending time on the beach. But come on, who would I be if I didn't go to my favorite restaurants and some coffee.

The first night we started by going to Cornelia and Co located at Calle Valencia 225. We Always go here, the service is nice and friendly and they also have a little deli shop where you can buy cheese, beer, pastries and kitchen supplies.

The first evening I got a burger with french fries and I have to say it's quite refreshing to not get any bread with it. The beef was organic and form Catalunya.

Since my big brother and girlfriend had passed out from fatigue at the hotel it was just me and mum and she took a seafood wok which is always good there.

The thing I like about Barcelona is that it is a big city but it has a small city charm with beautiful architecture, small cafés and, unfortunetly pick- pocketers (so be beware of your belongings).

After spending a day at the beach we decided to get some tapas. The most famous is the bravas (very different quality on those), pan con tomate, cheese and pescaditos (which are like small fried fish).

And of course, coffee on that.

In the evening we went to Cornelia and co again, all four of us this time, and tried out some Courses. As a starter we tried fried egg plant, crispy and salty, which is just what you need in the heat.

As a main course I took white fish in some sort of tapenade

and the others took hamburger (the same as I took the night before) and a squidburger with black rice.

On saturday went out to the wonderful city of Sitges. Located 40 minutes South of Barcelona Sitges is a lovely Town with great beaches and more, great restaurants. The morning was spent on the beach sunbathing and bathing in the mediterranean.

They also have a great boardwalk about 5 km long, great for the morning run. In June I was content just standing there and looking happy.

And, we went to one of my absolutely favorite places in the World foodwise- Nem. Since there was four of us we decided to try out the whole of the menu. I Think I got a picture of everything except the Nems- their Amazing spring rolls, all warm and with a great dipsauce. I also forgot pics of the roasted pears and the steak tartar.

First off we had smoked good with black soy bean, sherry, cherries. I really like the idea of smoked white fish istead of the salmon kind.

Next was the chich peas, capers, feta and piquillo peppers. Not one of my favorites, never been a big fan of chick peas.

These, these are the best patatas bravas I've ever eaten in my entire life. Crispy, fresh, minty and spicy! Excellent dish!

Next was the marinated Salmon with some sort of créme fraiche and potatoes in the bottom. Fresh tastes!

And then the best pan con tomate in thew. Good bread and good tomatoes makes an excellent dish! So simple and so heavenly good!

Roastbeef, teriyaki, cranberry and sweet corn. Loved the combination of salty and sweet, and the roastbeef was truly perfect!

Then came the veggie dish, artichoke, chili, lemon and coriander. Fresh and greatly combined flavours.

And the last one sardines with tapenade, tomato and parsley. Which made the transition to dessert a lot easier

A pannacotta with coffee, cardamom and caramel. Excellent flavours, sweet, but not too sweet.

And then a last pic from Sitges.

Back in Barcelona on Sunday, more sightseeing and, of course, more coffee.

And at the airport I was finally able to try the cronut (croissant and donut combined). How was it, nothing speciall really, like a croissant with sugar but fun to have tried.


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