Restaurang café Amsterdam

This blogentry is long overdue. I was in Amsterdam in the beginning of May and enjoyed good coffee and good food. This place, Restaurang café Amsterdam, I found through both the blog of Elsa Billgren and from one of my colleagues at Androuet. When we were going there it was truly raining cats and dogs and my shoes were destroyed leaving me buying these sneakers whick when excellently with my coat.

It's located a bit outside the centre, you take the number 10 tram to watertorplein, get off att the end station and then walk about 200 meters in the direction you get off the tram. Located in an old pumping station which supplied the city with water the restaurant is spacious and very beautiful. Love that they've kept most of the old interior since it adds to the mood of the restaurant.

A tip is that through it's located a bit outside it was full when we week there so a reservation is recommended. There was a couple who arrived at the same time as us had to wait 30 minutes.

Another tip is to check out the menu in forehand since there was so much to chose from. The prices are very reasonable.

As I always want to try out new and different thing I wanted to try raw herring (which I understand is a dutch speciality) and got it served with raw yellow onion and pickles.

Eating raw fish isn't that weird. You eat sushi all the time and in sweden we have herring and we also eat gravlax. Good flavours, especially the three elements combined together was truly yummy.

As a main course I tried the black angus steak with pepper sauce, out came a real piece of meat (haha), with sauce and french fries. Don't eat french fries that often but sometimes I just get a craving for it. The meat was real tender, although I would have wanted it a bit bloodier (asked for medium rare) and the sauce excellent.

My company took veal liver with Madeirasauce and mashed potatoes and said that it was really great.

All and all, a lovely interior, good food for a good price and very much worth the tramtrip (which you can count as sightseeing!). And you have to check out the bathroom zinks, they see you :]


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