Satan's coffee corner in Barcelona

Anyone of my friends can attest to me being a bit addicted to coffee so going to Spain where the coffee mostly isn't that good was a trial for med. Luckily, since being such a coffeegeek I actually took with me a grinder, warm water maker and an aeropress. Yeah, I know, crazy but there's nothing better than sitting on the balcony, watching the ocean and drink a hot cup of coffee. But, it's Always a luxury not having to make that coffee by yourself so before the trip I looked up coffeebars in Barcelona and found Satan's coffee corner (just the name is amazing). I was planning on going there in June but the day I went on my quest to found it it had closed awaiting new location. Now it is located in the Barrio Gotico just a stonethrow from Carrer de Call (but you have to know it's there ´cause it's on a sidestreet, I cheated with google maps).

The interior is light and spacy (clean toilets which actually says more about a place then you know) with stools by the window.

And outside there is a little cosy square (Oh Barcelona, how I love thee)

At my first visit I ordered a latte and the latteart- muy bien! And the latte itself- muy muy bien. Smooth and silky!

Then I also had a kenyan bean take away coffee made in a Hario dripper and server. And for those of you thinking that drinking coffee when it's 30 degrees celcius is crazy. Studies have shown that it's actually good to drink hot beverages when it's hot outside.

The other time we Went to Barcelona we went there straight away- this time for ethiopian yirgacheffebeans. I do have to say that the beans from Ethiopia- excellent. We also did before and after shots, the first one being before coffee and the other one after ordering:

Yes, I can look ugly when I feel like it

And this is how happy I lokked after actually drinking it:

And I also love their mugs in which they serve coffee in, love it when they put a little effort in the design.

The place also serves chiapudding (my new favourite) and some other pastries and a lot of other kinds of coffee as well. It's a hidden gem and deserves a visit (more than once), there´s a nice atmosphere, the head barista is really serviceminden and makes a hell of a coffee and there's nothing like a good cup to get your spirits up after a few hours of walking around the city.

I'll leave you with my new favourite quote:

So true


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