Chök in Barcelona

Ever since coming home from Spain it's been quite hectic, going back to work, keep the social calendar filled, started with yoga and inbetween trying to find time to do some Campaign work for our democratic minister Birgitta Ohlsson. After this week everything will be back to normal and then there´s only yoga and hopefully spanish (if I have the strength for it) and maybe I'll start baking again which I haven't done since I came home. Have a few ideas for a pie and am also planning to make a marmalade from the aroniaberry which is quite filled with antioxidants.

Meanwhile, to keep the spirit of vacation in my mind, I decided to write about a small piece of heaven- and that is chocolate and donut heaven Chök in Barcelona. Ever since vacationing in Canada in the year 2000 donuts have had a special place in my heart. But the donuts you usually get are stale and feel like they've been made a few months ago and taste like old fat and bad sugar. And then, then there's this Place that make you forget all those crappy donuts and that restores your faith in that gorgeous little pastry.

Located at a side street at the famous Las Ramblas (or should I say infamous, the one place in this otherwise amazing city I tend to avoid) on carrer del carme 3 this shop is easy to pass by. Trust me, I did it when I was in Barcelona in June.

The shop is an old chocolate factory and they've actually kept some of the old interior design, like this lovely glass sign which divides the shop from the area where they decorate the treats.

And in it there´s sweets heaven. Behind the counter hangs donuts in all the different flavours you can think of and in the window berliner donuts with oreofilling, banana, vanilla, chocolate, coconut, the choices are endless.

And the counter, churros (like donut sticks which you dip in a thick chocolate sauce), marshmallows, macarons, whoopie pies, cookies and chocolate truffles with all sorts of falvaours like chili, cinnamon, mojito, lime, plain, the choices.

Since I obviously could have eaten Everything in the shop I had coffee there once accompanied with a donut covered with chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt flakes and my mum had a chili chocolate truffle. And that's the only complaint I have- the coffee- not that good.

And I bought donuts and truffles back with me to Sitges. We have, from the top, créma catalan, strawberry with vanilla filling, banana filling and last but not least the lovely oreo cookie filling.

So, what are you waiting for, the next time you´re in Barcelona, sneak over the horrid Las Ramblas, buy a donut or a Berliner, take it with you down to the waterfront, sit on a couch and just chill!


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